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Soft demolition involves the demolition and removal of “soft” materials, such as plasterboard partitions, timber, suspended and fixed ceilings, carpets, doors and frames, bathroom fixtures, HVAC units and ducting, tiles, light fixtures and services.

Soft Demolition Process

Soft demolition includes the strip-out of commercial or industrial buildings or removal of interior sections of a building in preparation for renovation. SLH performs these services by hand when access is limited or there are restrictions on noise due to the close proximity of occupied working environments. When possible, demolition is performed with skid-steer loaders and mini excavators.

During demolition building fabric is separated with some materials onsite taken to off-site facilities for reuse, recycling or reprocessing. SLH takes other mixed demolition debris to a construction and demolition debris recycling facility where the material is separated and diverted to many beneficial uses

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Efficiency & Heritage

Lead remediation requires specialised techniques that construction contractors typically do not have. SLH has the experience, equipment, and the necessary permits to get the job done.

When you have experts working on your project this means the project will be carried out by skilled demolition experts, who have years of training and experience in soft strip work, are efficient and fast, using the latest tools and techniques, which play a crucial role in enhancing the performance.

Many older buildings are packed with irreplaceable elements, such as coving, paneling, staircases and windows, that need careful removal and handling to retain the history and value of the build. This is one of the primary advantages of using a specialist soft strip contractor.

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"SLH Industries has demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders, listening closely and facilitating open communication and resolution of potential problems before they became insurmountable. Whether they are part of a team at the beginning or are awarded the project through competitive bidding, SLH Industries comes to the table as a team player, with the interest of a successful project in mind. Their professionalism, coupled with their industry expertise and management ability has contributed directly to the success of our project."

Adam Raynes, General Manager, EAA Power

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