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We are recognised as the leader in Australia in the provision of lead and dust abatement, delivering a comprehensive service for industrial, government and commercial facilities.

Certified Professionals

Lead in construction is a complex issue involving multiple factors including WHS standards and work practices. Many companies simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to lead abatement, a difficult and costly process. SLH employs highly trained, certified professionals. Our project team assesses the lead issues, works together to establish a well-defined action plan and lead remediation protocols.

Lead remediation is an activity to reduce levels of lead, particularly in the work environment, generally to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards, in order to reduce or eliminate incidents of lead poisoning. SLH works closely with qualified environmental consultants and WorkSafe.  WorkSafe ensures that our remediation work falls within total compliance of  regulations and standards.

Do you require assistance with Lead Paint or Dust removal in your building?

Our Capability

Lead remediation requires specialised techniques that construction contractors typically do not have. SLH has the experience, equipment, and the necessary permits to get the job done.

It includes activities such as lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments and lead-based paint removal techniques.

Professional lead abatement is the safest way to ensure that all existing lead-based paint hazards, including lead paint, paint chips and lead dust are permanently removed from occupied environments.

Commercial buildings built in the 1970’s have a high degree of probability in containing lead-based paint. At SLH Industries, we are WorkSafe sanctioned in providing lead removal services in commercial properties. With our experience and expertise, we determine the optimal remove strategy taking into account the environmental and project constraints.

Our Point of Difference

  • Ability to Identify, record and dispose of hazardous materials
  • Strict Surveillance of chain of custody from the generating facility to EPA approved landfills for disposal
  • Compliant with State and Local government regulations

Hear From Our Clients

"SLH Industries has demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders, listening closely and facilitating open communication and resolution of potential problems before they became insurmountable. Whether they are part of a team at the beginning or are awarded the project through competitive bidding, SLH Industries comes to the table as a team player, with the interest of a successful project in mind. Their professionalism, coupled with their industry expertise and management ability has contributed directly to the success of our project."

Adam Raynes, General Manager, EAA Power

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