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People can be exposed by breathing the air that may contain suspended contaminant particles as dust, by touching surfaces that are contaminated, by eating or drinking from glasses or dishes that have layers of contaminated grime, or by eating or smoking after their hands are in contact with contaminated areas.

The Dangers of Soot

When the unthinkable happens and your office or building is impacted by fire and/or smoke damage, you want the damage fixed and the odour eliminated as soon as possible so you can get back to business.

SLH Industries offers smoke and fire damage restoration services using the latest tools and equipment that bring your business back to normal quickly and effectively.

No matter how heavy or noticeable smoke and soot deposits are, we clean all your affected walls, ceilings and woodwork to ensure complete removal of visible damage and elimination of smoke odours. For soot and smoke deposits that discolour painted surfaces, we clean these surfaces in preparation for repainting.

Do you require assistance with Fire or Smoke remediation?

How We Can Help

Using dry-ice technology, our hazmat technicians are experts at cleaning just about any item.

From heritage items to delicate electronics and art to larger items like furniture, our personnel know the right way to remove smoke and other deposits to restore your items back to pre-loss conditions.

Our Point of Difference

  • Fixed Term Maintenance Contracts
  • Shutdowns and Outtages
  • Commercial projects
  • Ad-hoc maintenance and emergency call-out

Hear From Our Clients

"SLH Industries has demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders, listening closely and facilitating open communication and resolution of potential problems before they became insurmountable. Whether they are part of a team at the beginning or are awarded the project through competitive bidding, SLH Industries comes to the table as a team player, with the interest of a successful project in mind. Their professionalism, coupled with their industry expertise and management ability has contributed directly to the success of our project."

Adam Raynes, General Manager, EAA Power

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