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We are recognised as the leader in Australia in the provision of asbestos eradication, delivering a comprehensive service for industrial, government and commercial facilities.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Because of its strength and resistance to heat and fire, asbestos was once very common in many residential, industrial and commercial building products. We now know that asbestos is a very dangerous carcinogen that causes mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer.

Although the production of asbestos was banned in the mid 1970’s, many contractors used it as late as the early 1980’s. If your building was constructed before this time, it is possible that you have asbestos.

Do you require assistance with Asbestos removal in your building?

Our Capability

SLH provides comprehensive asbestos and lead abatement services for industrial, government and commercial facilities.

As industry experts, our project management team work closely with our clients to ensure that our asbestos abatement activities provide a comprehensive process with a seamless integration with minimal impact.

SLH personnel are trained, licensed, and highly skilled in all aspects of asbestos removal. Our hazmat personnel are especially skilled in selective fabric demolition required to expose and abate asbestos-containing materials.

Our Point of Difference

  • Technical & Administration Support
  • Construction Quality Control
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Safety Management
  • Cost Control

Hear From Our Clients

"SLH Industries has demonstrated their ability to bridge the gap between the various stakeholders, listening closely and facilitating open communication and resolution of potential problems before they became insurmountable. Whether they are part of a team at the beginning or are awarded the project through competitive bidding, SLH Industries comes to the table as a team player, with the interest of a successful project in mind. Their professionalism, coupled with their industry expertise and management ability has contributed directly to the success of our project."

Adam Raynes, General Manager, EAA Power

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