Project Description

Wallerawang Power Station’s Unit 8 Cooling Tower being 106m in diameter and 126m in height was refurbished in 2010 by upgrading the internal film material allowing the reduction in the thermal properties of the cooling water.

Located on the power station’s main site near the corner of Main St and Castlereagh Highway, the existing internal film material was made up of 5,500 tonnes of asbestos corrugated pack material, with the cooling tower forming part of the site’s infrastructure since the power station was commissioned in 1976.


Scope of Works

Due to the age of the cooling tower’s asbestos film material and its poor condition, the asbestos film material was removed and replaced with state-of-the-art technology, with the removal and erection teams proving their efficiency in safety delivering the project with 72,000 man hours being incident free within a shut-down period of 10 weeks.

The process involved the removal of existing asbestos film fill material, installation of 10,000m3 of new fill, replacement of sprayers, removal and replacement of drift eliminators, de-icing systems and internal access systems.