Project Description

Engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon has initiated works of a $91 million data centre at 506-518 Gardeners Road, Alexandria. The centre will occupy a 25,780sq m site, which will consist of two floors of high-tech industrial storage in the form of colocation halls for ICT equipment, four floors of flexible and permanent office space for customers, clients and employees and multi-purpose high security meeting spaces.

The proposed data centre is to be operated by global data-centre operator Equinix, who also operate centres at Bourke Road, Alexandria and Gardeners Road in Mascot and the recently purchased Metronode centre in Rosebery.

Remediation works required at the site included:

1. Visual validation of building footprints and pavement:
Due to large areas of the site covered with buildings and/or pavement at the time of the contamination investigation, a number of uncertainties were identified regarding potential contamination in inaccessible areas. To ensure that these areas of uncertainty are adequately addressed during remediation/validation of the site, visual validation of the building footprints and pavement was required to ensure that the areas were free from any gross contamination and/or asbestos materials.

2. Asbestos Surface Pick:
Fragments of fibro-cement sheeting that were confirmed to contain asbestos in a bonded matrix (asbestos-containing materials – ACM) were identified on the ground surface in portions of the site. The remediation of the asbestos contamination was completed by the removal of the ACM via a visual surface pick and subsequent disposal.