Project Description

Project Overview

The development would present a 175m building façade to Hume Highway. The building is to be set back some 45m from the property boundary, which includes a 10m wide landscape buffer. The existing landscaping is to be retained and embellished within this buffer, to combine with existing trees that stand in the Hume Highway road reserve and partially screen the development.

The building itself will incorporate an updated finishes schedule, which seeks to ensure that the proposal is of a high standard and will compliment that of neighbouring developments. The use of Polycarbonate translucent sheeting on the Hume Highway elevation, will provide significant visual interest and contributes to the architectural merit of the development.

Scope of Works

Environmental impacts associated with the remedial works involving 78,552m2 of soils at the site included:
• Excavation and stockpiling;
• On-site movement of soil;
• On-site retention of soil; and
• Importation of fill.

There were two basic approaches taken in remedying environmental contamination at the site, with:
• The hand-picking (e.g. ‘emu-bob’) by visual inspection of the soil surface and manual collection of the ACM fragments observed with collected asbestos waste disposed of at an authorised, secure landfill; and
• Portions of the site “capped” by covering the asbestos waste with non-asbestos-containing materials which were designed to prevent the waste from becoming re-exposed.